Clay-dyed Clothing

Not enough people put value and care into what their clothing is made of. Most of the time people put style and branding above all other factors while shopping for clothes. The materials and processes used to make clothing is hardly thought about because most consumers are focused on the end result of how it will look and fit.

There are many clothing production processes that go unnoticed because not many people know that some of the clothing they wear could harm themselves and the environment around them. has a page on toxic threads that give people a chance to avoid certain types of clothing due to harmful chemicals that are used in the production process. It is a excellent source of information about clothing to avoid.

 Something as simple as clothing dye can be the difference in a piece of cloth being hazardous or perfectly safe for human contact. One safe alternative that some organic clothing companies use is clay-dyed colors. This is a process that uses natural clay from the Earth to produce a wide range of colors. It is a process that has been around for a long time, but some companies like enhance the clay-dyed process for their own organic clothing line. This is just one of the many alternatives that consumers can be aware of when purchasing clothing.