Donate and Recycle

According to the Council for Textile Recycling, the average U.S. citizen throws away 70 pounds of clothing every year. The solution: Donate and recycle!


Consider donating your clothing, footwear, accessories and textiles that are out of style, worn or torn, and no longer useful to you. There are many reputable organizations that can resell your donated items. If you are unsure about a charity and want to know more information about the organization, check with charitywatch or charitynavigator.


This could mean shopping for gently used items at your local thrift store, resale boutique, or garage sale, or recycling old items into new ones. For the thrifty shopper, good used clothing can be found for pennies at thrift store warehouse like the Goodwill Outlet! If that is not your style, look for vintage shops and used clothing boutiques where items are hand-picked for you. 

Finally, used clothing can be re-fashioned into new clothing and textiles. Our Grandmas used to make patchwork quilts, braided rugs, and household rags from cast-away clothing. Today, we have many more creative options--a quick search on Pinterest can provide a multitude of ideas for repurposing your clothing!