A Simple Change to Your Lifestyle

Clothing is a part of our every day lives from illustrating our personality to keeping our bodies comfortable. However, the toxins in clothing can be extremely detrimental to our health and the mass production of these products can have a negative effect on our planet. With the continuous fluctuation in fashion trends, there tends to be an increase in certain styles of clothing production. Some of these styles rely on specific fabrics and fibers. The most widely used fabric in the manufacturing process is polyester. Polyester is made directly from a harmful pollutant called petroleum. Petroleum is a pollutant that can be emitted by the simple transportation of a good from point A to point B.

With this rise in popularity of the fashion industry, more companies have a higher demand for fabrics such as polyester. This creates hazards towards our planet and the climate we live in by the increase in pollutants from the production process. However, there is one of several solutions you can do to help make an impact. Thrift shopping. Shopping at thrift or vintage stores in your town or city will help keep the demand for these goods to a minimum. Thrift shopping not only helps the environment but it provides business to locals in your area while also keeping a continuous cycle of recyclable clothing. Anyone can make this simple change to their life style for themselves and our planet. Thrift shopping is a great way to save money, and keep petroleum levels down by not purchasing from online stores.

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A few Thrift Shops in the Portland Area:

Buffalo Exchange


Red Fox Vintage

Andy and Bax


Salvation Army

Crossroads Trading Co.