Phasing out the toxic chemicals!!

Phasing out the toxic chemicals in children's clothing

Making toxin-free clothing is whether it is economically possible for clothes companies to replace risky chemicals in use with harmless substitutes. This is become a common question these days. Moreover, the global clothes manufacturing is notorious for using potentially dangerous chemicals in creating clothes.

According to research, more than 550 types of dyes and over 3,000 chemicals of auxiliaries containing carcinogenic chemicals, hormone disruptors, or heavy metals, are restricted for use in textile products under the laws of different countries.
In addition, research published by Greenpeace discovered that several kinds of the chemicals, which usually used in the fabric industries, are poisonous to mammals’ reproductions and affect the hormone system.

On the other hand, textile industry meetings in Beijing or Shanghai are now filled with energetic chemical engineers showing greener product lines to their potential customers in the textile business.

In 2013, the textile industry was listed for the first time under China's national five-year plan for prevention and control of environmental risk of chemicals as a "Key industry for regulatory control".

Generally, the article is talking about chemicals in creating clothes and how is replacing them will reduce the risk and negative impact on human and environment.