Organic Clothing: Make Your Own

Organic clothing can be very expensive to purchase. You may find it less costly to make your own. Whether you are a skilled or beginner sewer, making your own organic clothing can be a rewarding experience. However, you may need a refresher or a class to teach you the basics of sewing. Check with local sewing stores in your area for classes, or visit, where you can get started with free sewing classes online.

Once you have the basics, head to the fabric store for a pattern and fabric. You can also try here for access to free sewing patterns, or do your own searching on the web.

 HINT: If you are new to sewing, look for options marked "easy"! If you don’t have a fabric store in your area that sells organic fabric, check my list below for online retailers.

Organic fabric can be expensive, too, so keep an eye out for deals and coupons, and be sure to purchase only as much as you need. Check with your retailer for advice if you need help choosing appropriate fabric and quantities.

If you need a little general sewing advice, check here and here for some links to getting started. You might even find sewing your own clothes so rewarding that you want to make a business venture out of it!

Some online fabric resources to get you started: