Organic Choices

If toxic clothing awareness is common, finance can be a disadvantage, but so can personal choices. If everyone was equally aware that there are harmful toxins in our clothes, would it really affect apparel choices? We are all equally aware that smoking is harmful to your lungs and body, can cause cancer, and lead to death… but we still see people spending more on cigarettes than their daily Starbucks intake. Tanning beds have also been medically linked to melanoma, yet they still get a large population of people paying to roast in them in order to achieve a different skin tone. With that said, this population of people obviously has money to splurge, but are still making harmful choices willingly.
It’s no secret that healthy choices come at a price. “Organic” is all the rage these days, but it doesn’t come cheap. It definitely makes it hard for people who need to stay on budget. So what about these clothing toxins? If everyone was educated about this issue, they would most likely want to keep their distance from it, but could they?
Most clothing found containing toxins were manufacture overseas. It’s well known that manufacturing overseas is standard process for most companies: cheap labor, high production, and large profit. These are the clothes that are accessible to the average blue collar man. However, even high end brands like Burberry have been affected by the crackdown on toxins. Tests revealed the presence of harmful chemicals in Burberry’s kids apparel. These toxins don’t seem to be confined to cheap apparel. So where can we shop healthy? And how much is it going to cost me? 

There are a variety of shops targeted at healthy living and organic products. A popular apparel shop is Synergy Clothing, with stores throughout California as well as an online shopping site for your convenience. This clothing company uses 100% organic cotton that has less  of an impact on the environment. 

Overall, it’s hard to leave the decision up to shoppers who have been educated about the toxins in clothing. They might change their shopping ways and have enough money to change their way of living or not have enough money and keep wearing toxic clothes because you don’t have other options accessible to you. Maybe toxins in clothing should be completely eliminated and all clothes should be organic as a universal healthy living standard.