Grow Your Own Clothes

There are many companies in the world that are putting hazardous chemicals from certain dyes and  materials into their clothing. These companies use these chemicals because it is cheaper to mass produce clothing, while others strive to achieve a certain aesthetic or feel to their clothing line. However, there has been several efforts to try to reduce the use of hazardous chemicals in apparel. Such as producing clothing out of organic or biodegradable materials and others by simply adjusting the consumers methods of shopping, by purchasing used clothing from local thrift stores. 

But what if you could grow your own clothing? Suzanne Lee discusses her fascination with biology and the experimentation with microbial cellulouse and how she's developed a method to literally grow here own clothing material that will biodegrade when she's done with them. She can also color her clothing using sustainable different methods that require little to no dyes at all. Her discovery is quite brilliant, but also not fully practical yet as her results don't produce sustainable clothing that has insulation of waterproof capabilities. However, her ideas sparks curiosity as she could only be scratching the surface to an entirely new method of producing 100% sustainable clothing. 

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