Consumers Beware: Toxins Lurking in Your Clothing!

Consumers Beware: Toxins Lurking in Your Clothing!

Nowadays, heath is paying more attention to clothing industry, which uses shocking 8,000 synthetic chemicals; Customers are Customers have the wrong information mistaken about synthetic fibers in clothing that seems to them safe. 

For many years, people are responding negatively with the chemical interacting with their skins which causing disorders like infertility, respiratory diseases, and contact dermatitis and, yes, even cancer. The more wearing clothes that have synthetic the more risks of absorbing toxic chemicals that puts our health in danger conditions not recognized to synthetic fibers.

The best advise is switching to clothing made from natural fibers whenever possible instead of clothing created with synthetic fibers. These chemicals are added to clothing gradually because it makes clothes last longer and wrinkle free.

In addition, most clothing labeled "No-iron" contains PFCs. The writer got a terrible reaction from the dyes or maybe the chemicals used to make those all-cotton sheets "No-iron."

We all think that the illusion that clothes made from synthetic fibers are safe, but the materials are in fact full of invisible chemicals the clothing industry prefers we don’t think about which are harm for our health and put our healthy life in risk.

We need to be more careful in choosing our clothes and pay attention to what we wear and to the things that put our health in risk.