You have the power to help!

Ever wonder what you can do on the consumer end? Most of us don't think about the impacts our choices make on the world at large when we're at our favorite store looking for hot new clothes. But what you buy does matter and cutting down how often you buy can leave money to pay a little more for clothes made in responsible ways and in the end can help to save our world from disaster.

Check out these videos to get an idea of how our consumption impacts us and the rest of the world.

As the First-World we have more responsibility for our consumer choices because of how much we consume and how much more we have. 

Second and Third-World countries provide us with much of our consumer products and will continue to use the cheapest practices as long as Americans and Europeans are buying and don't care. Our demand and choices and pressure on American companies who do business in Asia, Mexico, and Africa can convince these companies and their suppliers to make choices that are better for the environment.