Toxic chemicals in children's clothes

           Toxic chemicals in children’s clothes, explained, DW wrote that Greenpeace reported that they found a variety of toxic chemicals in children’s clothes. They bought clothes from 25 different countries and produced by 12 major brand names. They found hazardous chemicals in most of the 82 items of children’s clothes.  Here is a list of chemicals that found at clothes:
Phthalates: this substance added to plastics to make it more flexible and more durable. It can be found in t-shirt with a large image printed on the front. When it gets in the animal system it could affect its hormone, which may disrupt fertility, cause birth defects, contribute to cancer among humans.
NPEs: is used to wash clothes.  NPEs is highly toxic to aquatic creatures. NPEs are not allowed in Europe, however, not in Asia.
PFCs: are bioaccumulative and persistent.  PFCs linked with cancer and kidney disease.
Organotins: are used as biocide.
Antimony: is used as catalyst in making polyster. Also, it could be used like poison arsenic.
            The article also talked about managing the problem.  The European Union has set up regulations to limit the use of these chemicals. 18 brands are agreed to be committed, and H&M is one of them. The article said Greenpeace is encouraging that china also has regulation to limit these chemicals.   Many companies are working on finding alternative chemistry for the textile industry.