But I don’t want to wear a hemp sack…

By now you understand the basics regarding toxins in our clothing, and how our skin just eats them up. While it would be nice to afford nice, 100% organic cotton clothing, to find “ethical” clothing that was still flattering, it is no easy feat. Since investigating the issue of toxins we encounter on a consistent, and constant basis I have looked into how to gradually replace staple items while not breaking the bank.

What I have decided to do is to take one heavily used item a month and replace it with a like item made from organic materials, whether that be; hemp, cotton, linen etc.  For me that started with my sheets, then my undergarments, then pants, and so on. It’s known that our body does a lot of “regenerating” during sleep, so I thought replacing my sheets would be a good starting point. I was able to find a basic set of sheets starting at about $50, prices increase dramatically with increased thread count. Here are some good options.

I chose to replace undergarments next because in addition to being worn tightly near many lymph nodes, improperly fitting ones can cut off circulation, an issue more for females than males. There is some anecdotal evidence that shows tight fitting bras decrease and inhibit lymph drainage; leading to an array of health problems.

This place  has an array of organic cotton clothing. They carry under garments that start at $30 and go up in price. I was surprised how much they cost, and hope to find a better alternative from a non-online source.  (I’ll keep you posted)

Finding “fashionable” well-fitting and affordable clothing is not easy. In stores, you are looking at anywhere from $20 and up for a basic t-shirt, jeans start at around $100. Yikes. I plan on cruising Good Will and other second hand shops when I have time to spare to see if they have anything to offer. There are plenty of resources, do some investigating, and understand that this is an investment in your health. Take care of your new garments and they will last a long time.