Are your clothes making you sick?

They could be and the processes involved in creating them could also be harming the environment too! You might ask yourself what you can possibly do to protect yourself and your habitat. Well the first step is to get educated about what goes into your clothes and their manufacturing. 

Just click on the image below and head over to Greenpeace to find out more about what clothes could be toxic and why.

After you've become a clothing toxicity expert the next step is to take action. Making smart choices when buying clothes is a big step but often times its not enough. While you and many others might be making the best choices possible in your day to day life the fact remains that many companies will continue to create clothing using dangerous levels of toxic chemicals.

What can you do? Well you can take a look at California proposition 65 which was enacted in the mid 80s to learn more about what chemicals are considered toxic. Then you can find and ask your representatives what they are doing to ensure local goods are made safely. If nothing comparable exists you should encourage them to draft a local measure like California 65.

Remember to shop smart and check back here often for more updates!