A Good Start

It may seem overwhelming when you begin understand the correlation between your health and your clothing. The skin is the largest organ and is constantly under attack from environmental hazards, toxins from beauty and toiletry products, and the chemicals in our water that we shower with… the list goes on. It may almost seem a lost cause… but it’s not! There are so many easy swaps we can make, that may not even require you to purchase new goods.  Just because you cannot afford a whole new wardrobe does not mean you can’t mitigate the damage that is likely happening.

Start small-

Cleaning products- These are huge, stop buying commercial cleaners. They are chock full with things that we cannot pronounce, and would never want touching our skin and their labels typically come with ample warnings.
A staple in my home is VINEGAR. This stuff can pretty much do anything. To clean my floors and counter tops I mix equal parts vinegar and water, add essential oils as desired for a “friendlier” scent.
Hydrogen peroxide is another staple. This stuff can be used to kill bacteria and viruses on counter tops, floors, kitchen surfaces etc. Using 3% hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle, you can pretty much conquer the flu season. Use is to disinfect everything!

Toiletries & Beauty Products- I have so many recipes and tips it’s hard to choose which ones to share! My favorites products to use though would include baking soda, honey and oils. Using these three products you can pretty much cover all of your needs.

Shampoo/ish-Baking soda can be made into a simple solution with water to wash your hair. It does not lather but cleanses your scalp, puts your PH in check and won’t strip your hair.

Conditioner-…you guessed it, vinegar! I mix this with equal parts water and a couple drops of an essential oil and spray onto my hair, no rinsing!

Face Wash-Honey and baking soda, that’s it! This is great for exfoliation and nixing bacteria. Mix small amounts in your hand to make a thick paste, slather it on. Leave it on for a couple minutes for a mask.

Lotion- OIL! People are so scared of oils. Coconut oil, olive oil, grape seed oil to name a few, are great for moisturizing.  Coconut is my personal favorite; I apply every time I get out of the shower.

These items are likely already sitting in your cupboards.  They are all safe to ingest, (yes even H2o2, in very small amounts) and pose no threat to your health. Go make a switch right now! You could even clean your house naked! No toxins from your clothing, none from your cleaning supplies, maybe slap on a baking soda and honey facemask-- make sure your blinds are closed though!