The Return of The Saturday Market

Given our topic I find it important and very relevant and helpful to talk about a resource that makes it VERY EASY and ACCESSIBLE to buy local produce. I am talking about The Saturday Market, and guess what? It's back! The Saturday Market is part of Portland Farmers Markets but what makes this one so great is that it's located right on our very own Portland State University campus. The Saturday Market goes every Saturday for 9 months out of every year, this year starting on March 15th and going through December 20th. The Saturday Market is an amazing resource for fresh and local goods and we are very lucky to have it on our own school campus, that way it is easily accessible for most of us. Close to 150 different vendors will be there on various weeks throughout the year so there is sure to be some variety in diet if that's where you do your grocery shopping. For more information on the vendors and which will be present on which weeks visit:

I have been to the Saturday Marked many times over my last four years as a PSU student and I have had nothing but great experiences with it. My favorite vendor is Enchanted Sun Breakfast Burritos. The line is always stretching for a good half a block. If you're interested in beginning a new tradition for buying local products for you and your family then check out The Saturday Market on it's first week back starting March 15th! See you there!