Portland Couple Exemplary Success at Sustainable Living

It is certainly a Portland mindset to think of a successful mode of living to live Green and often modestly. Right here in our own city we are starting to encourage green living by offering more modes of green and sustainable living. One such example is this couple of the Portland area who took this idea and made a home based on the idea of simple and sustainable living. Right here in our own backyard. 
They wanted to live in the most simple mode possible, also as in sync with nature and sustainably as possible.  Some of the ways that they did this was to construct  a space which was just big enough for living, specifically a 704 sq ft home. Without the superfluous need for extra closets or bathrooms they decided to have something that served its purpose at its simplest form would be a way to encourage green living and energy saving. Some of the things that the house has is a green roof,  a storm water barrel with permeable pavers, and a rain garden. They received a grant for 9,000 that the city awarded them for the green roof which helped offset the cost of construction. The other amenities which come to be apart of the luxury of having a smaller space which uses less resources and save them money with tax breaks but also with the reduced use of resources that are costly as well as a depletion on the environment.
They are most excited about the money they will save by this mode of sustainable living. While the two of them have higher education ambitions, they are looking forward to using the money for their future development. 
They are proud of their energy saving performance and the idea of simplistic green living which is right here in our backyard. The couple also notes that they love when people in the neighborhood stop by to admire and understand the place, if you find yourself in the neighborhood stop and say hello!

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