Today I was a part of my companies “Green Eggs and Ham” charity work and I volunteered to go to elementary schools and give out the dishes for Dr.Suess birthday.  As I was setting up the food in the elementary schools kitchen I saw a monthly calendar of the lunches offered for what is called ‘hot lunch’. On the menu today was pizza and ceaser salad or you could choose a different salad and a buttery roll if you did not want pizza. I was baffled! The sugar! The fat! The empty carbohydrates! UGH! No wonder kids are overweight, tired, diagnosed with ADD, getting bad grades etc. Obviously this is not the only factor contributing to this issue but I was just sent down the rabbit hole of thought process.  What can I do to help? What can we do to help? Obviously changing school lunches is a monumental change. I think an awesome idea would be for every parent, aunt, grandmother reading this blog to take one Saturday out of their month and take their child to a fresh farmers market or grocery store.  Show them all the yummy foods. I brain stormed some ways to make the farmers market fun for kids; make it a scavenger hunt! Before the trip look up some fun healthy food items and even local crafts to look for at the market, once you and the child or children you bring with you find the item describe why it’s so good for you and how yummy it is. This is just one simple brain storm! Watch this video from Jamie Oliver on with ideas and thoughts on why this idea can change the world.