How can I access local, fresh food?

One of the biggest difficulties of eating healthy, local, and fresh food as a busy person can be accessing the food in an easy way. Something great about Portland, however, is that we have many Farmers Markets that are available to us across the city! For local PSU residents and students, I would suggest going to the Portland Farmers Market, which is located in the park blocks at Portland State University. Every Saturday morning, from 8:30-2pm, local farmers and business will be at PSU to sell you their fresh, healthy foods! The Portland Farmers Market is available almost all year round (through December), and is such a great way for students to stock up on local, healthy foods instead of getting them from a Safeway or Albertson's. In this way, we are supporting our local markets and encouraging others to attend the Market, also! According to the Portland Farmers Market's blog, there will be over 100 farmers in attendance, and as the season grows warmer, they will reach 120! Check out their website for information here.

But this is not the only Farmers Market in the Portland area! There is also a Farmers Market located on the downtown waterfront, full with cotton candy, jewelry, and of course, local farmers and small, private businesses. They also have healthy alternatives- such as Mexican food, jams, and candied nuts. This Market is not just for food, however, it also supports local artists, jewelers, and woodworkers. You can check out a list of vendors at the Portland Saturday Market here.

But why is this so helpful, you may ask? Because supporting local business, especially when it comes to local, fresh food, is what will keep us healthy! Many preservatives which go into foods today to help keep them "fresh" at local grocers, are bad for you and can contain harmful bacteria. It is comforting to know that at any time, fresh food is available almost every weekend at a very affordable price- while also feeling good about yourself for supporting the local economy. So the next time you are thinking of going grocery shopping to buy lettuce, jam, or other vegetables- hop on over to the Saturday Market! Where the food is always fresh, and the company is always happy!