Why have I not thought of this before? Probably because I lacked the knowledge of how easy composting is and what beneficial things are coming out of our food scraps! When I get sandwiches I throw out the bun or when I eat pizza I scrape the toppings onto the plate and throw away the crusts! Throw them away! What if instead I saved myself calories AND heated my home at the same time, WHAT A CONCEPT. In the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Brooklyn they are working on turning all that unused garbage into energy.The plant has what is called “digester eggs” which is full of trillions of helpful bacteria inside that turns the waste into renewable energy.

Many other countries around the world such as Hong Kong are already working on this idea as food waste as energy. It is important to stop the food waste at the source, finding methods to reduce the amount of waste reaching landfills and also learning new ways to produce renewable energy.

In Oakland California a wastewater treatment plant has been converting food scraps to energy in digester eggs as well. According to the EPA, “If 50% of the food waste generated each year in the U.S. was anaerobically digested, enough electricity would be generated to power over 2.5 million homes for a year.” Why should you care you ask? Well one, sounds like a great weight loss motivator, cutting out the crust or other “fattening” portions of food can and actually using them for good.  Secondly, the methane gas created by the digester eggs can provide heat for homes and generate electricity. So I encourage everyone to learn about composting. I have included a link below that shows all the different compost items and where you can compost these items! Go to the dollar tree grab a composting container put it in the kitchen and check out the site! Start saving calories and money at the same time!