Advocating Against The Source

By PSU EcoMerge Capstone - 10:14 PM

            Food Inc. (2008) is a documentary film on the farm and food producing methods of the 21st century. I had first seen this film my freshman year of college in 2010, but had not taken the time to consider the thoughts presented in the film until taking this course. The documentary displays many stories of real people who have had encounters, bad and good experiences, as well as interviews with actual farmers. The stories in the documentary include force feeding animals to mass produce product, poor care and malnutrition of farm animals, and a tragic food poisoning incident with a young toddler boy and what his family has done to fight the system. This film as directed my attention towards these topics and has motivated me to investigate them further in hopes of coming to a self-realization of caring more about what I put into my own body and what I am helping promote by purchasing certain foods and products. A synopsis of the documentary film can be found at

            The care and poor nutrition farm animals endeavor is a matter that I decided to look into further as the other stories from the documentary typically occurred from the way that the animals were fed and treated. An advocacy group has created a webpage titled to educate and inform the public on the serious topic of malnutrition for farm animals. Corporately ran farms force feed animals to mass produce the products they supply for fast food restaurants that in turn is fed to our families and friends and leaves a horrible imprint on our own health.