Buying Local Part I

While attempting to buy local, I have become more acutely aware of the impact that buying local has on community as a whole; from the way it shapes how communities exist to the environmental impact, and the monetary benefits.  The first part of this blog I will be focusing on the direct benefits that buying local has on the welfare of community. 
1.      Community starts with you, and when you purchase things locally, you are not only supporting the community as a whole you are supporting yourself.  Keeping things local allows you give back to yourself not only in measure of monetary benefits but in an overall sense of belonging to something.
2.      Staying local invests and reinvests in your community and allows you to keep likeminded and conscientious people in your circle, which builds community.  You often receive better service and respect in close communities.
3.       It also encourages local prosperity.  Once people are invested in a community where they feel appreciated and can continue to supply and or contribute to the community it makes for a stronger bond.
4.      By contributing locally, it allocates for a unique community.  It instills pride and gives the community a home.  It brings distinctive characteristics that make the communities an atmospheric feel, as if you are someplace, and not just any place.  

This sense of belonging to somewhere has great positive benefits for the community as a whole and for each individual.