The overuse of antibiotics locally is a huge threat to this country and to surrounding countries. Antibiotics manufacturers are starting to create fewer and fewer antibiotics for the people who really need it. Which means the scarcer the antibiotics are, the higher the price they will be. Which, in turn creates this domino-effect of consumers paying for these antibiotics they can’t afford, banks loaning out money they don’t have, and the US building more and more debt.
One drug, doxycycline, is a drug that is used for non-serious infections such as sexually transmitted diseases, acne and of course the good ole’ animal feed to fatten them up. Currently, they have started to use it for Lyme disease patients, which is shocking because it’s not usually meant for that. Pills that used to be $20 for 500 capsules are now $3000 for 500 capsules. That’s a %15,000 increase! How can the pharmaceutical companies justify a price increase like that?

The more we abuse the drugs and take them for granted the more it’s going to bite us in the butt later on in life (no pun intended) and in the lives of our future families. Let’s turn ourselves around and join the movement, #saynotothesuperbug.