Risk Antibiotics and Hormones in Animal Feed

The consumption of antibiotics by animals builds strains of bacteria, resistant to antibiotics that can cause deadly diseases as the antibiotic becomes ineffective. When resistant bacteria are passed on to meat consumers, they too become exposed to diseases. If normal antibiotics are unable to kill bacteria, a simple illness like food poisoning can become a
Killer. This becomes dangerous as the disease may kill consumers before
Doctors find a new antibiotic able to combat the resistant bacteria.
In the event that the resistant germs do not cause disease, they are
Still dangerous due to their ability to transfer the
Antibiotic-resistant factor to other bacteria in the body consequently

Making them resistant too. Another rising concern is the classification of certain drugs given to animals as carcinogens. The health risk is very clear when it is known that the carcinogenic drug is passed on from the animal to the human. In addition, some strains of Penicillin cause allergic reactions; Streptomycin can cause deafness and kidney trouble after prolonged use of high doses.