How Can You Protect Yourself from the Threat of Superbugs?

Most of the focus around antibiotic resistance is centered on how we can each impact public policy and industrial use of antibiotics through the political process and consumer habits. While these are certainly worthwhile and important steps for all people to take, regardless of their political preferences or station in life, it is equally important to know what you can do individually to protect yourself from superbugs and begin to help reverse the overuse of antibiotics.

There are several common sense steps you can take to protect yourself from superbugs  and recently a group of experts were asked to offer their opinions on how individuals can best protect themselves. Their advice is surprisingly simple and includes steps like learning to properly wash your hands, especially in public restrooms. They also encourage people to ask doctors to wash their hands when meeting with them, be leery of antibiotics that might not be necessary and to not be overly reliant on hand sanitizers in place of proper hygiene.

The Food and Drug Administration has also published consumer guides for protecting yourself from superbugs and combating antibiotic resistance. Both guides are based on simple steps consumers can take to protect themselves from antibiotic resistance. Again, much of the focus is on not relying on antibiotics unless necessary and only using them where appropriate. The FDA has also produced a short YouTube video that highlights steps to “Get Smart About Antibiotics” that you can view below.

So what do you think? Do you think the experts are offering enough information to really protect us? Do you feel any safer after reading the information the FDA has put out to educate us on proper use of antibiotics? What more can be done to make us safe? We value your opinion and encourage you to comment on this post to share your thoughts and ideas on how to combat antibiotic resistance.