Can we stop the evolution of the Super Bug?

The first drug resistant bacteria found in New Zealand.
From the New Zealand Herald:
“In January, while he was teaching English in Vietnam, (Brian) Pool suffered a brain hemorrhage and was operated on in a Vietnamese hospital.
He was flown to Wellington Hospital where tests found he was carrying the strain of bacteria known as KPC-Oxa 48 – an organism that rejects every kind of antibiotic.
Wellington Hospital clinical microbiologist Mark Jones (said): “Nothing would touch it. Absolutely nothing. It’s the first one that we’ve ever seen that is resistant to every single antibiotic known.”
The world has regressed to the times of the 1800’s. Where if you knick a knee or catch an infection there is no cure, no life saving, just death. The idea that we knew these superbugs were becoming more and more announced, and no actions have been taken to correct it is insulting. Petitions have been started and hundreds more people are starting to take notice. BUT, when will these small actions take a large leap to help the future and save lives? When are the people in charge going to make these small actions come true?
Doctor’s are starting to revert back to the use of old drugs that are more harmful to humans instead of the newly engineered ones. Only one new antibiotic (ceftaroline fosamil) has been developed since 2010(Medscape). Six others are still in stages 2 and 3 for development. Could it be that there are no more cures? Or has evolution become too fast for scientists to keep up with? Can we stop the evolution of the Superbug?