The grocery store is a common place we shop monthly, weekly, and even daily. But how much thought goes into what we buy? Do we read the labels on the front and back package of our favorite foods? The age of technology has allowed us to search for more information at a quicker pace, and at our own fingertips using our android phones or tablets. However, the most common things searched for on our food labels are the use of fructose corn syrup, trans-fat, organic, and free-range. Do we search for labels that say no "Superbugs"? No. That's because, perhaps, many of us are unaware of what a Superbug is and why it's in our food. If we walked by the meat isle and found little tags hanging above that labeled each meat as containing Superbugs and those with No Superbugs, then would our choice for selection change? This blog post is meant to educate that Superbugs do exist in our meat. In fact, it would take about 58 packs of chicken breast just to find 1 pack without Superbugs. 

                                         That statistic is alarming. 


Should we change the way we advertise and label in the grocery store to more accurately label it's content? (Please reply Yes/No in the comments section below.) 

Note: to avoid the overuse of antibiotic use in your meat, please purchase Labels that say: 

You may also want to look for labels like "No Antibiotics Administered" or "Raised Without Antibiotics", especially if they are USDA process verified. CAUTION: Even meat labeled "Organic" or "No Antibiotics Administered" can be contaminated with antibiotic resistant bacteria, so you'll still need to follow the safe handling practices above. (Source: