Pigs on Drugs?

Craig Rowles raises pigs near Carroll, Iowa. The piglets will enter and leave this room as a group. Image: npr.org
Here in my hometown of Canby Oregon, I know a great deal of local pork growers who are concerned about providing safe meats for their consumers, without the use of added hormones or antibiotics. And this is great for those individuals like me who love pork, sausage, bacon, and other meats I designate as “weekend food”. These foods even taste better when you know that they are not dosed with low amounts of antibiotics which may cause us to be succeptable to aggressive diseases later on in life!
What does the National Council on Pork say?
“Pork producers recognize their moral obligation to provide for the well being of their animals and to raise them in a humane and compassionate manner”. This is the reason which pork producers are given to support their use of antibiotics and antimicrobials in their animals. But Forbes paints a different picture. Have you ever been to a pig farm? The average corporate pig farm actually raises hundreds of pigs, generation after generation, which wallow in their own feces. These feces, which are estimated to be produced at an average of 400,000 gallons per year in the United States alone, are a hog’s only home. Pretty sad, is it not?
Once again, we recommend organic! And what does this mean for your supply of bringing home the bacon? For now, one simply has to know the farmers! Look for farmers which not only do not administer antimicrobials, but keep their pigs in “free range” environments which do not keep them in close range! For more information, contact a local butcher such as Ebner’s Fine Meats in Canby!
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