The Verdict is IN!

Hello everyone! 

Welcome back to a radical way of thinking, a blog and website which stand to turn conventional wisdom about our lives on end. But why? Why do we continue to study such a hotbutton issue which so many are talking about but has yet been left nearly untouched? According to the Center for Disease Control, 2 million people in the United States every year become infected by bacteria that are resistant to even the most aggressive antibiotic treatment. 23,000 of these cases result in death, even with rigorous steroidal treatment. Perhaps this is why you are now a part of a larger community by viewing these posts. Maybe you are becoming an advocate in your own community by being empowered through our research.
I personally work with elementary school students in a kindergarten. I am constantly surrounded by the grip of change in the way our students eat and snack. Parents are becoming more aware of the problem of antibiotic treated animals and the larger effect on their families. Primarily, there is one infection called Clostridium Difficile which infects over 250,000 people each year in the united states and causes chronic diarrhea that is of concern. But mainly, everyday things like the influenza virus, whooping cough and bacterial meningitis is what my school’s parents are worried about. With the ever increasing use of this medication in livestock, many are it is important to consider the fact that our children are now using very low doses of antibiotics every day without really thinking about it or even considering it. A previous organization that I worked with, called Kindercare learning centers and located in Tigard, actually has become a bit taboo in the educational community due to their misuse of common cheap food items which contain these levels of antibiotics.
So, no matter what brings you here, the fight is on! If you are a parent, talk to the administration of your public schools. What is being done about this in your community?

Geoff Barrett
Research Group