U.S. Tightens Rules on Antibiotics Use for Livestock

U.S. Tightens Rules on Antibiotics Use for Livestock

For the first time and for the hope of decreasing human deaths, farmers will need a prescription from a veterinarian before using antibiotics in farm animals. For over 35 years the FDA was trying to stop ranchers from giving cattle and other animals food that contains antibiotics in order to make them grow faster. When drugs are used intensively for long times, the body will produce bacteria that are resistant to the drug’s impacts, endangering humans who become infected but are not able to be treated with usual antibiotic therapy. The new FDA’s rule might save lives because that would protect animals from having specific illness. On the other hand, the R.C. Hunt thought that farmers would have hard time following the new rule that FDA issued. The Obama administration publicized restrictions on agricultural uses of cephalosporin and other drugs. 

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