Workplace Sustainability

At my workplace, we have a “Green Team” that works within our organization to reduce waste.  They explore different business practices that can help us easily and quickly realize waste savings.  They have worked to implement major changes in our business practices, but also small changes and communications that make all employees a little more aware of simple things they can do to reduce waste. 

  • Compost in the break room – working with local compost business, contracted for free pick up of compostable waste.
  • Changed from standard plastic disposable eating utensils in break room, to corn-based compostable disposable eating utensils.
  • Changed from paper plates with plastic lining to recycled, compostable plates.
  • Created posters to remind employees to turn off electronics, lights, and other powered devices.
  • Send regular correspondence on quick tips for reducing waste in the workplace.

Reducing waste can be very simple.  Sometimes bringing your own practices at home into the office can have a huge effect.  Here are some more tips and simple ideas to help your own workplace participate in sustainability.