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Ecomerge is dedicated to providing information having to do with sustainability and change. Some change is at a global level, some is at local levels, some is internal. Ecomerge is constantly in search of new information and teachings, so as to expand the world-view. Often, though, one has to start local, in order to expand that view. As an example of the local ties striving for an eventual global impact is Sustainability at Work.

Sustainability at Work is an organization dedicated to sharing information and working with businesses, local and otherwise, to create a sustainable and livable model in the work environment. One should note the Sustainability at Work organization offers "free assistance for any Portland (Oregon) organization looking to create a more sustainable workplace", as well as being a free treasure trove of information for sustainable resources.

As well as the information and resources offered, Sustainability at Work also shares news and events, such as businesses who attain sustainability standard levels, among other things. This seems a fantastic way to get businesses involved in a long term solution, as Sustainability at Work acts as a rooting section for business change. If more and more businesses receive accolades for changing the environmental way they do business, maybe more and more businesses will strive for that change!

If businesses act at a local level to make sustainability changes in the workplace, the idea seems it will spread quickly amongst the business masses. After all, business talks business with other business. If we work to talk the sustainability business with those businesses, we will all start to speak the same language.