No more excuses! Grow your own food!

What is your excuse for not growing any of your own food? There are many to choose from. It could be anything from “I don’t get enough sun in my yard” to “there’s no space at my apartment to garden.” Whatever the reason, growing one’s own food is one of the most important personal contributions one can make toward sustaining earth's resources. The consequences of our individual and collective actions affect more than the planet; they effect us, people, homo-sapiens. In other words, our actions move our society, and therefor other societies, closer to or farther from oblivion, and it seems as if we still have a lot of work to do to change course.

Elsewhere in the EcoMerge blog, my peers have commented that much of what we eat is unhealthy, unclean, and unnatural. Unsustainable practices like eating convenient processed foods and supporting or participating in commercial farming have led to astonishingly bad consequences socially, economically, and environmentally

What can I do to help?

That is a good question, and I am glad you asked. Growing your own food has many advantages including lower food-cost, natural levels of nutrients, improved air quality, and a sense of accomplishment. To help those who might otherwise excuse themselves from such a noble pursuit comes the Mobile Edible Wall Unit (MEWU) created by Green Living Technologies.

The MEWU is ideal for small spaces because it utilizes vertical space in your home. Additionally, no garden is necessary to plant in. The MEWU is on wheels and can be rolled from indoors to outdoors as you see fit. It can also come equipped with an indoor growing light. Vertical gardens can accommodate any plant of reasonable size. They can grow cacti, flowers, herbs, and vegetables. They can be created in any size. You could even have a small one in your kitchen with just herbs and spices.

Don’t want to buy a premade vertical garden? Make your own! Check out these tutorials and tips to find out how:

These gardens can be created for the cost it would be to go out to one dinner, instead you can supply the ingredients for many. Vertical gardens can also be made at a lower cost by using recycled materials.