Eat Clean Pt. 2

Now that we know more about what eating clean is and why we should do it, we should probably figure out how to eat clean so that you can all get started!

Where to begin? 

We all have to start somewhere. First things first, clear out your kitchen of any processed and artificial foods that are low in nutritional value. Eliminating easy access to foods that aren't beneficial to you can do so much to help when beginning a clean eating lifestyle. The Gracious Pantry gives us a quick list of five things that will help you get started when making the transition into eating clean. 

Let's get started!

Now it's time to stock your kitchen with delicious whole foods! There are many resources out there to help guide you to the best foods and show you some great ways to put those foods together. Though an easy way to think about clean eating is to always buy foods in their most whole form, so instead of apple juice, buy apples and instead of instant oatmeal buy whole oats. Think whole! Here is a list of 21 foods to keep at home when eating clean. Be sure to give yourself easy access to the right items! 

How to keep it up 

Make it fun! You'll feel great and though it may get hard at times, understand that eating clean is not about punishing yourself! You don't have to forget about your favorite foods but you can learn new, amazing, clean ways of making the things that you love to eat! From onion rings to cinnamon rolls eating clean doesn't have to mean giving up your favorite things!