Eat Clean Pt. 1

Everyone eats and therefore what we consume is very important for the nutrition and well being of our bodies. When deciding what to eat and where to purchase the foods we eat it is very important to keep in mind that eating clean is the best thing for your health and if done right, the best thing for the environment. 

What is eating clean?

Ultimately, clean eating involves consuming only the cleanest foods, meaning without chemicals or artificial products or anything that might be harmful to your body or your surroundings. Another aspect of clean eating involves the sustainable practices of the companies that you purchase your food from. When purchasing foodstuffs it is important to understand the companies practices in terms of manufacturing and processing as well as distribution. Move Nourish Believe is a wonderful resource to use in learning more about clean eating. 

Why is eating clean important? 

As I'm sure many of you have heard of the saying, "you are what you eat", I am here to tell you that is very true. What you consume becomes a part of you and when you consume products that are not free of chemicals and artificial elements your body will not be the best it can be. When you fuel yourself with foods that your body needs you will have more energy and simply feel better all around. Not only does eating clean improve our individual selves but it also lends a helping hand to our environment and that way what we eat is able to preserve ourselves as well as the world we live in. Learn how our food choices impact the environment. 

How can eating clean help? 

Eating clean leads to a healthier lifestyle full of more energy because you are eating foods closer to their natural state instead of after they have been majorly processed. That allows you to ingest the most nutrients and cut out many of the things that are not necessary in our diets, such as saturated fats, in the large quantities that we often receive them in. Through eating clean we can improve the health of the people in addition to improving the health of the place that we call home. 

Stay tuned for Pt. 2 where we will talk about how to eat clean!