Building sustainability into our systems

We have developed a way of doing things that doesn't work. We recognized that fact using our own senses and confirmed it with science. The question each of us is asking ourselves is: what should I do about it? Some people choose to teach others about sustainability. That is what we are doing here at EcoMerge. As we learn, we teach. 

The choice to act is influenced by governments, corporations, organizations and individuals. That can feel discouraging. But there is power in numbers, and that is why we organize. As a community, develop sustainable dreams and act on those dreams. But don't forget, sustainability as akin to nonviolence

The most important point to consider is that to live is to live with a belief system. We have all inherited a method for living out our lives that is flawed. We must change how we produce, how we consume, and how we design sustainability into all our systems, one by one.

Join a community. Bring your friends. Local change becomes GLOBAL CHANGE.