Knowledge is the first step!

Sustainability is a concept that affects us all and yet it is often very difficult to understand. What is even more difficult is knowing what to do in order to make a difference. This is the point where the work begins, knowledge in terms of sustainability is extremely important for a variety of factors. The 'Ted talk' that is presented below was given by Alex Steffen and it discusses "The route to a sustainable future" and provides us with many pieces of valuable information that can help when trying to grasp the idea that is sustainability.

Steffen closes with a quote from H.G. Wells:
"All of the past is but the beginning of a beginning; 
all that the human mind has accomplished is but the dream before the awakening." 

We can do a lot when it comes to contributing to a sustainable future, from the electronics that you use and the places that you purchase products from to the way that you think about the bigger picture that is our society as a whole unit. Even though we may not all see extreme poverty very often, if ever, one key to sustainability is being aware that there are places where clean drinking water is not readily available and that should be a problem for us all that requires help from everyone capable.

Before you can "Re-think sustainability" you must be informed. Here are a few links to sites that provide a lot of valuable information about the topic:

Happy Learning!