Environment vs. Economy - Friends or Foes

Environment vs. Economy – Friends or Foes

Job-killing regulations.  We are all familiar with this common phrase, most often spoken by various political leaders in regards to policies that often come to light without any resources devoted to their actual implementation or management. The intent is good, but the result is usually bureaucracy, hurdles, frustration, and seeming economic loss for businesses.  So what if it didn’t have to be one or the other?  What if the Environment and the Economy could make up and live in harmony?  Or, what if sustaining the environment was actually a vital component to a successful business model?  What if practicing good environmental leadership was a money maker instead of an obstacle?  Maybe if we could get beyond the rhetoric, we would be able to see that it can be this way (or that it always has).  Ray Anderson presents a compelling case study in his 2009 TED talk about how he has not only made sustainability work for his business, but that it is actually a logical business model. Take a minute to listen to what he has to say about this.