Rethink Tried and True!

Most of us equate sustainability with environmental earthly kinds of issues. I never thought of sustaining myself quit like the natural cycle of a perennial or a tree, have you? 

Rethinking sustainability, as it relates to human beings, is becoming more and more widely shared and encouraged by sustainability experts. Experts who are inspiring many and suggesting that human beings can truly embrace nature’s principles of sustainability and make them their own.

A natural cycle gives and takes in a balanced way that includes taking only what is needed. While it consumes what it needs to be thoughtfully productive it also seamlessly gives back to the place it began and even beyond. Natures cycle is thoughtful and deliberate.

Remarkably the cycle keeps on giving in a way that empowers the cycle to sustain itself. This includes multiple entities and a variety of natural systems. The image below illustrates it well.

If we continue to neglect embracing a cycle like this in our own lives we will continue to embrace a model of consumption and waste, burdening the planet rather than taking care of it. Our current ‘take and waste’ model takes more than necessary (consumes) and throws out most of its byproduct (waste), this hurts us but it hurts many others along the way.

If we focus on consuming what we need to sustain ourselves in a way that ensures most, if not all, of the byproduct is something that naturally sustains the world around us and if we encourage others to do the same we can reduce the planet’s environmental burden.

If you don’t already do it please rethink home composting, it is an easy way to start to make a difference and giving back along the way. It’s true, in many circles home composting is common knowledge, tried and true, but other circles haven’t even embraced the easy to do recycling of garden and kitchen waste. Resistance can be because people don’t know how; they can’t find the motivation to make a change or feel hassled by an additional step composting will add to an already hectic life. Folks in down town New York City have found answers to these challenges and are making it happen. If they can do it you can too! Check it out!

NYC Composting 
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