Why Waste Clean Water?

Your life is filled with mysteries and  questions every day that seems to ignored or forgotten. One of those questions involves what exactly happens after we are done using an item, or resource? What happens to all of the waste we create during everyday life. Whether it is recycled, cleaned, or altered there are scenarios where the water we use can be used more then once.    Trying to find information on water waste management was not a simple task. When searching I only found  a couple small companies in Portland that actually dealt with water waste. One of the companies I found was Cardno ENTRIX. it is a natural resource management and environmental consultant company that provides services in Water Resources Management, Natural Resources Management. Another company I found was GSI Water Solutions this company provides creative, effective answers to the groundwater, environmental, and water resources problems in the water districts, farmers, and industries of Portland and the surrounding areas. When in contact with these companies they explained the different methods that there companies used involving water. They also explained how it took a fully developed staff to take on such a complicated field. From the data I found it is quit obvious that when comparing the amount of water we use, to the amount of water reused or recycled it just isn’t enough. We need to increase the amount of water that is recycled in this county dramatically if we even want to begin to head towards a sustainable path for the future. Small companies working on there own to help make the country more sustainable just isn’t enough. There needs to be a global change if we want to change the course we are now. For our own futures we need to increase the our water waste management as a country.