What you can do to reduce the effects of factory farming


Reduce meat consumption- many factory farms are driven by a growing demand for meat, reducing your intake by any amount can have a positive effect if we all contribute a little. You will also save money and have some left over to buy other healthy products.

Do some research- if you do buy meat or other animal products do a little research on places that exercise humane and sustainable methods. Most people don’t want to go through that trouble because they think it might take up too much time, but in reality it’s a one-time thing. Once you’ve located a few places you are already done and on your way to improving your health.

Demand more labels on products- currently the majority of products you see will not include labels that tell you anything about the condition of the animal, or if they were feed antibiotics or other harmful substances.

Contact your congressional delegation- in 2007 congress
Introduced: the Preservation of Antibiotics for Medical Treatment Act, and one of the first attempts to address the public on this issue. This bill was an attempt to remove 7 of the antibiotics that are important for the value of human medicine, it would also require companies to stat what antibiotics and how much was given to animals. If more bills like these are introduced and take effect, it will drive the sales of these products down. There will be a higher demand for natural organic products, which local farms will definitely provide. It would also reduce the price of healthier foods in the market.