What Can you do to Help?

After much time and consideration I have come up with a list of things that any individual can do to keep there environment clean and safe:

Sweep Patios and Sidewalks Rather Than Hosing Them Down 

  • Using the hose wastes water
  • Using the hose carries contaminants into the river

Keep Your Car In Good Condition
  • Fix leaks promptly. 
  • Drops of oil and fluids are washed into rivers with the rain.
Buy Organic Fruit and Vegetables
  • This reduces Pesticides used by farmers.
  • Tell your grocer about selling organic food if they don't already

Use Other Means of Transportation
  • More cars means more roads which means more runoff
  • More Pollution
Plant A Tree
  • Trees and shrubs help filter the water
  • Help cleans the air

Clean Up Waste
  • Prevent it from washing into streams
  • Don't let it contaminant water that people drink and swim in

Be Involved
  • Make sure to vote for a good politician
  • Research about them and make sure they care about the environment