The Real Harm of Using Chemicals in Farming

   When talking about the runoff of water and pesticides from the farms we talk about chemicals. But what are all these chemicals that are being used on farms?  Also why are these chemicals so horrible for the environment and people?
   Some factory farms use many harmful chemicals that are causing major health concerns. According to the organization “Toxics Action”, “Studies by the National Cancer Institute found that American farmers, who in most respects are healthier than the population at large, had startling incidences of leukemia, Hodgkins disease, non-Hodgkins lymphoma, and many other forms of cancer.” This is a serious issue that is affecting not only the general public but the farmers themselves.  Pesticides are extremely toxic to farmers, people, and children. There have been studies that show children living close to farms that are using chemicals are at extremely high risk of cancer to the brain.

   The Toxic Action  also states , “Pesticide use can damage agricultural land by harming beneficial insect species, soil microorganisms, and worms which naturally limit pest populations and maintain soil health; Weakening plant root systems and immune systems; Reducing concentrations of essential plant nutrients in the soil such nitrogen and phosphorous.”

   With all of this knowledge and data chemicals are still being used at dizzying amounts.  People need to stand up and voice their concern over this issue. It is not ok for the chemical battle to continue for long. The longer it takes for people to realize that this type of farming is wrong it will be too late. For our future generations and children we need to take a stand and say no!