Pharmaceuticals Contaminating our Water

Did you know that there are tiny amounts of pharmaceuticals drugs are in our drinking water this is according to the “Associated Press”.  There was an investigation of 24 major cities which tested drinking water supplies and found that there was “antibiotics, hormones, mood stabilizers, and even contraceptives were found in the drinking water.  
 I found out that these drugs are getting into our water through a couple of different ways: some people flush unneeded medication down the toilet; other medicine actually gets into the water supply after people ingest their medications and it passes through their system through urine.
 I also found out that some medications remain in waste-water treatment plants even after they clean them out.  The investigation show that the levels are very low and the water companies assure us that the water is safe, but to me this is still concerning.
 I mean how do we really know that these low level contaminates aren’t going to be toxic to us in the long run. So if we are finding this in our drinking water then I can only imagine water, rivers, and streams have been exposed to. So whatever you do don’t flush old medications down the toilet or down the drain. The FDA has tons of resources on how to dispose of medications properly.