Meatless Monday

Meatless Monday is as friendly as the name suggests, and as the Washington post describes it, “ it’s a movement that has legs”. With the growing concern around health related risks rising with modern day food consumption, there has been a strong push towards other alternatives. Many hospitals, universities and other corporate cafeterias along with colleges are among many that are recognizing risks and benefits with what types of products they serve and aiming to incorporate healthier foods. Meatless Monday is like any other day, except you simply don’t eat any meat. Why did they decide on Monday of all the other days of the week? My guess is that they both start with the letter M, so it doesn’t matter which day you eliminate meat as long as you do it for one day in a weekly routine. What’s the reason behind meatless Monday? What this video to find out! 

You can also learn more about it on the human society website and get a full list of places and people that are participating in this effort: