Manure Isn't As Good As You Think

It is always discussed how animal manure can enrich the soil and help plants grow and thrive. However not many people truly understand the effects caused by intensive factory farms. Having a large amount of farming can often cause an overload on the surrounding land. It begins polluting plants, soil and water. This then having a huge effect on the entire ecosystem itself, which can be extremely detrimental to all life in the area. Most of the time the pollution is caused by excess nitrogen in the ground and in the water. This is because animals excrete much of the nitrogen in their diets pigs and chicken excrete around 65% of their nitrogen intake and 70% of their phosphate intake. This nitrogen becomes harmful to the environment because it can evaporate and become ammonia, which is extremely toxic and harmful to the environment. This harm can even reach humans by making its way into the water system and effect the health of many. 

Many people have become to grasp the idea that factory farm runoff is extremely dangerous for the health of the environment and all those who is surrounds. Still no changes are being made to reduce the amount of runoff that is taking place. Changes do need to me made, before its to late and the effects from the present become the problems of the future.