How to help the planet.

While most of what we have been posting has been directly related to factory runoff, I feel that a post having to do with the overall environmental friendliness that each of us can partake in everyday. The biggest part of being Eco-friendly is being aware of the actions that we do that have an impact on our society. By looking at the various ways that we can cut back, add to , or do away with completely the things that we all do on a daily basis that effect the environment, we can be rest assured we are helping out in our own little way.

Top Five ways to help the environment:

1. Stop Paper Bills: It has been estimated that we can save over 18 million trees if all households in the US would simply stop getting paper bills in the mail. Not only is this Eco-friendly, but it also declutters your drawers at home. Both of which are a plus.
2.Don't throw it away, give it away: Many times when we feel a product has lost it's value to us, we instantly think it is time to get rid of it. Unfortunately, doing this causes an enormous amount of wasted product and manpower for something that someone else may able to use. There is excellent websites such as that will help to connect you with people who may want what you are thinking of tossing out.
3. Go green when cutting you lawn: If it is essential to water your flowers and grass, do it when it more brisk outside, this way the heat of the mid day will not make it evaporate. Weeds can be killed with vinegar, as to avoid any harmful runoff that may occur from weed poisons. Lastly, instead of using manure which will also breed harmful pesticides and gases, use raked leaf clippings. Not only do they act as a natural fertilizer, it is also less work for you to have to rake them up.
4. Recycle, Recycle, Recycle: Many of the things we use on a daily basis have the ability to be recycled into the same thing or even another product. By doing so we save monumental amounts of energy and resources. For example, twenty recycled cans take the same amount of energy it would take to make one new one. When in doubt contact your local recycle place to see what is and isn't ok to bring.More than likely if they don't take it, they will direct you to someone who does.
5.Be active and be heard: The most important thing in trying to make environmental change is the idea that anyone can make a difference. Many times, the hardest part about doing things to make an impact is knowing where to start. By taking the time to do a small amount of research and push forth with a task, we as individuals grow into groups who do amazing things for the environment. Just remember, if you don't do your part, no one else will either.