Go Box: Design In The Right Direction

Whenever I have friends or family in town, I take them to the food carts. This local cultural phenomenon boosts our economy while satisfying our desire for inexpensive, authentic cuisine. As a downtown resident, I frequent the SW 10th and Alder pod. This location alone, uses approximately 60,000 disposable containers each month! Even though some vendors use compostable containers, many of them still end up in the landfill, contributing to methane gas and ultimately global warming.

Founder Laura Weiss, hopes to encourage people to think differently. The GO Box design is made of BPA free, dishwasher safe #5 plastic. This reusable container is sold at participating vendors for only $12 a year. Interested in participating? Follow these easy steps.

1- Sign up for GO Box at a participating vendor
2- Purchase a meal and you will receive your reusable shell
3- Enjoy your meal!
4- Rinse and return your empty container to a participating drop site and receive your token
5- Use your token to receive your next meal in a GO Box

Check out the link for participating vendors and drop off sites.