Factory Farms and Human Health Hazards

Some factory farms house thousands of cattle, chicken, and pigs to be raised for slaughter. While feeding these many animals copious amounts of food, antibiotics, and water they are creating waste as a result. Since the animals are usually in very crowded conditions, they are raised on such ground that their feces and urine are funneled into massive waste lagoons that often break, overflow, or leak. This means a huge problem of pollution and contamination to nearby land. The lagoons also emit hazardous gasses such as ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and methane. 

When these lagoons break or leak they can also contaminate groundwater supplies. This has lead to a great number of disease outbreaks that are directly related to these waste lagoons.

Imagine having to work at one of these factories. Workers breathe in hundreds of harmful gasses every day that cause irreversible health defects that can lead to headaches, shortness of breath, coughing, diarrhea, seizures, coma, and death. 

An obvious solution to this problem is to shut down these terrible plants and give not only humans, but animals a healthier and safer life. The public needs to know about these terrible conditions that humans and workers are being put in because of these factories. And think about the poor animals! They grow up in these abusive and inhumane conditions to be slaughtered grotesquely and made into food for humans. If you want to look at it from another perspective... those animals are raised in those disgusting and harmful conditions and then you eat their flesh. 

Please reconsider when you buy meat that wasn't raised in a healthy and safe environment that doesn't harm the environment, or other people, in the process. You have no idea the impact that your dollar makes when you choose not to buy meat raised in a factory farm.