The Effects of Chemical Fertilizers

We all are aware that fertilizer are any substance used to add nutrients to the soil to promote soil fertility and increase plant growth. However, my question is "Are all fertilizers healthy for the soil"? The answer is no, the effects of chemical fertilizers aren' spoken about because they are largely untested.
Soil health relies on a balance of macronutrients and micronutrients, as well as microbial health. It's vastly more complicated then simply adding nitrogen,phosphorus and potassium to the ground.
The biggest issue facing the use of chemical fertilizers is groundwater contamination. Groundwater contamination has been linked to gastric cancer,goitre,birth malformations,hypertension,testicular cancer and stomach cancer.It is a fact that excessive air and water-borne nitrogen form fertilizers may cause respiratory ailments and cardiac diseases. We shouldn't forget that they can "inhibit crop growth and increase allergenic pollen production and potentially affect the dynamics of several diseases.
The awareness and understanding the effects of chemical fertilizers doesn't help us without taking action. What is important is that we have to protect our health. We can consider to have our water tested regularly by reputable tab,support organize and sustainable agriculture,take part in safeguarding organic practices and educate ourselves more about chemical fertilizers.
Shouldn't we think twice and care about our health?