Prevent Toxic Runoff

Protecting the waterways across Oregon is one of the most healthiest things we can do to protect our community.  Here is a list of solutions to prevent a disaster in our water. As much as we like the rain, there is a downfall when the rain washes the oil, chemicals, and pesticide into the streets an down our drains. This affects the lakes, rivers, beaches, and off course our drinking water. This can put our health at risk, along with the economy.

Here is a picture showing all kinds of toxins going into our oceans.

Here are some elements that can help us with the water.

  • As the future is coming near, going green is every where. Green technology is part of now and the future. We must adapt to it to lessen the damage. Green garden has shown that it can reduce the pollution effectively at a lower cost. This is a cheaper option versus storm water infrastructure. We want developers to have permit where they use cheaper methods. 
  • We must have a reasonable balance of green space to the pavement, natural filtration system, and effectively stopping toxic runoff with a natural and affordable method. Cost is the key because how the local budgets have tighten up, we must use cheaper methods then before. 
  • We can't have any loopholes for developers to come through. By contacting the local city officials and the mayors office and letting them know we can't have any more runoff's. For example, the city permits for developers gives them an option to opt out of multiple exemptions, this allows them to opt out of clean water solutions.