Environment Runoff

Environmental Runoff

Every year we have the same problem, storms. When a storm comes, it brings storm water, which can attract debris, chemicals, dirt, and pollution. This flows into our sewer system or worse our lakes, beaches, and ponds. When storm water enters the sewer system, it brings untreated water, which contaminates drinking water. If we can’t have safe water to drink, this causes a big concern for our environment.

When, water is polluted it can have bad effects on plants, fish, animals, and us. Same goes for drinking water. Polluted drinking water can cause illness and raise the cost water treatment. 

Some solutions where you can help include: 
  • recycle
  • lawn care
  • septic system
  • auto care
  • and pet waste 
If everyone does their part, we can live in a better environment

We don't want to see this.

We want to see this.

Managing storm water is not an easy task. It can be expensive and time consuming. doing our part is important as finding solutions. We can do a lot by getting involved. Here is a list of ways to get involved: read the local newspaper and stay informed, we must keep public officials accountable, attend public hearings about town planning and new construction permits, volunteer, participate in contaminant monitoring, encourage testing water upstream of drinking water, and most importantly ask public officials questions.